If you would like to have your pre-recorded tracks professionally mixed, simply e-mail them via www.wetransfer.com to pipertalks@gmail.com.  Alternatively you can post a Data DVD with the audio stems on (Contact us to receive the postal address).

1 Mix: £100

Each mono stem: +£10

+25% if track exceeds 4 minutes

Upload your audio stems in WAV or AIFF format and your song will be professionally mixed using top class equipment and expertise. Once completed we will send you a link to the completed mix. The price of a basic mix is £100 + a £10 charge for each MONO track you upload. 

For example, if you had a song made up of 10 MONO tracks and the song length is under 4 minutes, the charge for this would be £200 for a completed mix. The completed mix will be sent back to you digitally and you can advise us of any changes required**. Please advise us of any special requirements for the mix when you upload your tracks and please make sure that you label them appropriately. 

Perhaps you just need a great drum mix? Not a problem, send us your drum tracks and we'll take it from there using all our top class equipment and skills. 

Once you're happy with the mix, why not take advantage of our online mastering service to add that extra polish. 

Before you upload your files, please read our online mixing guide carefully. This details everything you need to do and what to expect from using our service. 

*All tracks must be in either WAV or AIFF format and be the same bit depth and sample rate. They must be consolidated to the same start position in time. If your stems are longer then 4 minutes in length, there is a small additional charge to cover the extra mix time involved. If your stems are longer than 8 minutes, we suggest you contact for a quote. 

**We allow one iteration of the mix based on your feedback. Further iterations are possible however this may incur additional charges per iteration. Should you require instrumental mixes also, please let us know!