The role of a Music Producer is essential to getting a professional product.  With Piper Dawes at the helm, expect a very detailed ear and an extremely thorough approach to the process.  A good producer is involved in the creative process, from the preparation and pre-production stage, right up to the finished product being delivered to your door.  

Our standard production service involves the following:


This is where you as the client get to demonstrate your vision.  Pre-production involves meeting the artist to discuss the project and how it will pan out, hearing the current versions of the tracks (be that on demos or during practice sessions), and getting to know each other as a creative team.


In order to get the most out of studio sessions, they must be guided by someone who understands completely both the workflow of a recording studio and the creative ethos of the product at hand.  Every step of the way clients will be guided through this process to guarantee a finished product as close to their original vision as possible.  We have several studios who work with us to produce the highest quality sonic products possible.


The mixing process is where the recordings made previously get arranged sonically so that everything can be heard, and the tone is consistent and in keeping with the style of the project.  Our producer, Piper Dawes, often expands her role to Producer/Engineer.  This means that depending on the project and budget constraints, the mixing process may be done in conjunction with the engineer who runs the particular studio in which the project was recorded, using the equipment available; or can be taken away and mixed off-base by Piper herself. Either option has merits and both heavily involve the producer so that creative consistency may be maintained.


The final part of audio production is the master, where everything comes together and the final product is given its last polish and leveling before being sent off to a media reproduction plant, or uploaded to the internet.  Often overlooked as an afterthought, the mastering process is absolutely essential to getting a professional product.  As a production company we work with the mastering engineer to ensure the best possible outcome in keeping with the creative vision and ethos of the project.  Again this can be done by our producer/engineer or an external mastering engineer, depending on a number of factors.

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